Thursday, 16 April 2020


Today a very special beach walk along the beach of Dongtan Beach and Jomtien Beach. Due to the corona measures, all beach bars have disappeared. This has to do with the alcohol ban (the sale and drinking of alcohol in public spaces from April 12 to April 30). The Songkran probably has something to do with it too, they don't want any shit. Due to these measures, it seems that many cooling boxes of the beach tents have broken open due to the presence of alcohol. So all beach tent owners had to remove everything on the instructions of the government. The beach had been closed since April 2, but many people still came to the beach in groups.
It is a bare intention, really unreal something you may only experience once in your life. Pattaya is now a quiet city on the Gulf of Thailand without one beach chair and umbrella. It was already a boring affair with all those closed Pubs, Beer-Garden, Go Go Bars, Massage- and Beauty Salons etc etc. etc. From City of Sins to City of boring.