Tuesday, 15 January 2019


Since a day or three, maybe longer, I don't know that exactly anymore, Pattaya is also suffering from the smog. In Bangkok (much larger and busier in terms of traffic) smog is now a huge problem, there are now even large water cannons deployed and air force planes are going to spray water on parts of the capital to reduce pollution. Of course, wearing a mouth cap is also desirable here in Pattaya.

At sunrise you can already see what a day it will become, it should start to rain a lot, not a small shower of half an hour, but just half a day of rain and love all over Thailand. Maybe we will see a blue sky again afterwards.

With this kind of weather type on the beach it is also not a cheerful place, the view over the sea is infinitely gray. Fortunately there is a breeze with fresh air. Because I am now also a lung patient, I have to take the walks along the beach. In Pattaya itself, it is hard to cope with all those air-polluting traffic jams and coaches.

Despite the smog the walking goes well again, my muscle strength is completely back in my legs and the balance is also reasonable. I try to walk more than 10,000 steps every day (about a little more than 8 km). Today even more than 15,000 steps (more than 11 km). When my walking route is along Beachroad, I regularly pop in at Central Festival for a visit to the toilet or just cool down and look around, have a drink or a bite to eat. Walking in the dark in the evening is also getting better, and there is also plenty to see here.